Scrap Metal Recycling

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Imperial Group offers comprehensive scrap metal recycling services for businesses of all types and sizes. Our many recycling plants, equipped with a multitude of processing equipment, are guaranteed to handle all of your scrap — ferrous, non-ferrous, lead, e-scrap, and more. Freight is included in our prices.

As a family-run company, relationships are our top priority. This is part of what drives our commitment to excellence and ensuring we help you become more efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Scrap Metal Recycling Services

Liability Mitigation

Your materials are handled in line with all local and national laws to ensure regulatory compliance.

Environmental Sustainability

Rest easy knowing our dedication to sustainability ensures all pickups utilize eco-friendly best practices.

Data-Driven Decisions

View your scrap sales history and get customized data analytics for full visibility into your operations.

On-site Assets

Imperial Group provides any accumulation containers your operation may need. We can also make equipment recommendations based on your operation and goals.

Schedule Pickups in Advance or On-Demand

Whether you need a pickup now or next month, our logistics experts will assist you at your convenience.

Centralized Recycling Services

Coordination and execution of nationwide recycling services utilizing Imperial Group assets and nationwide partnerships

Industries Served

Reap the benefits of individualized expertise with unified efficiency. Imperial Group is one of the largest metal materials companies with tailored programs for many different companies and industries of all sizes.


Empowering the manufacturing sector with comprehensive metal services, from sourcing to recycling, embodying our legacy of partnership and innovation.


Supporting utilities with tailored metal solutions that align with efficiency, reliability, and a commitment to community.


Providing government entities with scalable metal services and fostering long-term partnerships through our commitment to excellence.


Providing end-to-end metal solutions for construction, prioritizing service and sustainability.


Offering demolition sectors integrated metal recycling and waste solutions to facilitate seamless project execution.


Leading the way in recycling with innovative practices that maximize material recovery and sustainability.

Scrap Dealers

Collaborating with scrap dealers to enhance the value chain through efficient processing and logistics.


Supplying fabricators with high-quality metals and custom services to meet specific project demands.

Can’t find your industry listed? Reach out to us today! Our expertise extends beyond these sectors. Let’s discuss how we can meet your scrap metal recycling needs.

Creative, Sustainable Materials Solutions

While we specialize in non-ferrous metals, we are renowned for our expertise in processing, manufacturing, and trading a broad spectrum of materials.

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