A Vertically-Integrated, Diversified Metals Group

Imperial Group’s metal recycling, logistics, trading, and other sustainable solutions cover all of your material demands.

Where experience meets progress

Creative, Sustainable Materials Solutions

Imperial Group comprises 11 distinguished entities, each an authority within their own verticals, united to provide soup-to-nuts services for all of your raw material needs. Our intergenerational commitment to excellence has helped us build longstanding, trusting relationships with an ever-growing client base.

And these decades of experience have molded our unparalleled products and services to ensure we are your one-stop shop partner — from scrap metal recycling to finished-goods manufacturing and beyond.

Customized Services, Infinite Possibilities

Reap the benefits of individualized expertise with unified efficiency. Imperial Group is one of the largest metal materials companies with tailored programs for many different companies and industries.

Scrap Recycling

Leading sustainable Scrap Recycling services to minimize waste and maximize the value of your metal resources for a greener future.


Seamless metal transactions to connect buyers and sellers with expertise for fair and advantageous deals.


Ensuring smooth metal operations and optimizing the supply chain for timely and cost-effective delivery.


Prioritizing sustainability and implementing eco-friendly initiatives and green technologies across our operations.

tOLLING Service

Efficient and cost-effective solutions that allowing you to leverage our facilities and expertise for tailored manufacturing needs.

Demolition Services

We excel in safe material removal, transportation, and reliable project management for successful outcomes.

The Imperial Group

With such a diverse set of companies, the group’s capabilities are unparalleled. From scrap metal recycling to finished goods manufacturing, Imperial handles metal at all stages of its life cycle. Our entities are each the best at what they do; and as a group, we are providing services the industry has never seen before

What Sets Us Apart 

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering; we uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism, ensuring that every interaction and service reflects our pursuit of excellence.
Operating with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, we foster an environment of integrity and accountability in all our endeavors. We understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and approach every situation with a customer-first mindset, actively listening, operating with loyalty, and building trust every step of the way with genuine care and understanding.


We are dedicated to being your full-service strategic partner, fostering enduring relationships built on trust, loyalty, and mutual growth.


We believe in the power of teamwork, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives thrive, leading to innovative solutions, both internally and externally.


We empathize with our clients’ challenges, prioritizing a customer-first approach. Through active listening, unwavering loyalty, and genuine care, we build trust every step of the way


We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, fostering an environment of integrity and accountability.


We embrace creativity and continuous improvement, pioneering cutting-edge solutions that anticipate and address the evolving needs of our clients and industries.


We uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism, ensuring that every interaction and service we provide reflects our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Imperial Group offers a unique perspective. Their team’s knowledge of all segments of the industry is evident in their service approach and delivery.”

Valued Customer

“When you work with Imperial Group, you benefit from their passion for innovation, transparency, and metals.”

Valued Customer

“Imperial Group delivers top-notch service through a smart and reliable team. Highly recommended for their excellence and trustworthiness.”

Valued Customer

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