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Transportation Excellence In Every Shipment

Imperial Group offers top-tier, cost-effective, efficient metal logistics and transportation services and equipment solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our customers always receive the highest quality freight services.

Our commitment to excellence in metal logistics and transportation is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are not just effective but also environmentally responsible, aligning with the highest industry standards.

Metal Logistics and Transportation Services

Storage and Accumulation Containers

Offering free drop-off and pick-up services, we excel in heavy metal logistics, ensuring secure and efficient storage solutions for your metal transportation needs.

Metals Supply Chain Management

​​Our expertise in the metals supply chain ensures seamless management of your metal and scrap transportation, from origin to destination.

Customized Pick-Up Schedules

Whether you require regularly scheduled or on-demand pick-ups, our scrap metal transportation services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Reliable Transportation of Metals

We guarantee the safe and timely transport of your materials, backed by our extensive experience in metal transportation.

24-Hour Metal Logistics Support

We understand the critical nature of timely metal transport. Our 24-hour service guarantees that your logistics needs are met around the clock.

Inventory Management for Metal Transport

Our robust inventory management programs are designed to streamline your scrap metal trucking and logistics processes, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

Industries Served

Reap the benefits of individualized expertise with unified efficiency. Imperial Group is one of the largest metal materials companies with tailored programs for many different companies and industries of all sizes.


Empowering the manufacturing sector with comprehensive metal services, from sourcing to recycling, embodying our legacy of partnership and innovation.


Supporting utilities with tailored metal solutions that align with efficiency, reliability, and a commitment to community.


Providing government entities with scalable metal services and fostering long-term partnerships through our commitment to excellence.


Providing end-to-end metal solutions for construction, prioritizing service and sustainability.


Offering demolition sectors integrated metal recycling and waste solutions to facilitate seamless project execution.


Leading the way in recycling with innovative practices that maximize material recovery and sustainability.

Scrap Dealers

Collaborating with scrap dealers to enhance the value chain through efficient processing and logistics.


Supplying fabricators with high-quality metals and custom services to meet specific project demands.

Can’t find your industry listed? Reach out to us today! Our expertise extends beyond these sectors. Let’s discuss how we can meet your logistics needs.

Creative, Sustainable Materials Solutions

While we specialize in non-ferrous metals, we are renowned for our expertise in processing, manufacturing, and trading a broad spectrum of materials.

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