Red Metals


Brass Clips
Red Brass Clips
Brass Turnings
Red Brass Turnings
Brass Tubing
Tinned Brass Clips
Brass Solids
Nickel Brass Solids
Naval Brass Clips
Brass Flashings
Brass Ingot
Brass Bullet Shells
Brass Flashing
Brass Grindings
Brass Dross
Brass Dust
Brass Gears
Brass Slag
Gilding Brass
EDM Wire


Bronze Clips
Bronze Turnings
Phos Bronze Clips
Phos Bronze Turnings
Aluminum Bronze Clips
Aluminum Bronze Turnings
Silicon Bronze Clips
Silicon Bronze Turnings
Manganese Bronze Turnings
Mixed Bronze Turnings
Phos Bronze Chops


Copper Buss Bar
Copper Filter Paper
Copper Mud
Copper Punchings
Copper Slugs
Ignition Wire
Insulated Bare Copper Wire
Insulated Copper Coax
Insulated Tinned Copper Wire
Molded Copper Coils
Tin Copper Chops
Tin Copper Clips
Tin Copper Wire
Wire Harnesses
Toughmet Turnings
Auto Shredder Residue
Tin/Nickel Plated Copper

Copper Cont.

#1 Copper
#1 Copper Tubing
#2 Copper
#2 Copper Radiators
Tellurium Copper Solids
Tellurium Copper Turnings
Tinned Copper Clips
Copper Clips
Copper Auto Radiators
Bare Bright Copper
Bare Copper Chops
Bare Heavy Copper Chops
Coax Wire
Lightning Protection Cable
Copper-Clad Steel
Utility Grade Copper Wire
Copper Grounding Rods

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