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Imperial Group began in 1962 as a humble, family-owned metal scrap recycling company in Chicago, serving the greater Midwest. With each generation, our resolve to providing best-in-class metal services helped us grow into what we are today — an entity comprised of 11 distinct companies, each equipped with unique specializations that help build a holistic, vertically-integrated experience for any materials needs. Our dedication to community and maintaining long-term client partnerships have driven our longstanding commitment to greatness and providing unparalleled services.

Why Choose Imperial?


Comprehensive Services

Imperial Group’s 11 specialized companies offer a complete range of solutions, covering scrap recycling, metal trading, logistics, and transportation, providing integrated services for diverse needs.


Longstanding Legacy and Expertise

With roots as a family-owned scrap recycling company in Chicago, Imperial Group boasts generations of experience, making it a trusted leader known for quality, reliability, and innovation.


Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Imperial Group blends tradition with innovation, combining past wisdom with modern innovation to deliver transformative solutions that uphold family values while staying ahead in the industry.

The Imperial Group

With such a diverse set of companies, our proficiencies are unparalleled. From scrap metal recycling to finished goods manufacturing, Imperial handles metal at all stages of its life cycle. Our entities are each the best at what they do; and as a group, we provide services unique to the industry.

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